Digital Detox Workshop

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Why unplug instead of just resting in front of a TV?

Most people don't know how to rest strategically for energy recovery. That makes people go into a deeper energy deficit week after week.
🧠 Time to try something different.

A digital detox will help you:

👉🏼 Put the breaks on your digital burnout, instantly!
👉🏼 Lift a mountain of internet stress you stopped noticing
👉🏼 Recover attentional resources for better productivity
👉🏼 Get the cognitive recovery only possible when completely unplugged
👉🏼 Actually connect with your loved ones, instead of pretending to
👉🏼 Do the things you've been putting off

Did you know that your phone is making you tired and stupid? Even when it's turned off! If you own a smartphone, tablet and TV your need to know this 👇🏼

"Our brain consumes approximately 20% of our overall energy, and you're giving a lot of it away to your devices."

📱 The feed
💻 Netflix binging
🎮 Video games
📺 The news...

They keep you trapped in an endless dopamine loop. It may be enjoyable but that's just chemicals masking further depletion of energy.

"Most people don't know that a lot of metabolic 💪🏼 energy is required to heal the body and the mind"

🙌🏼 You're smarter than the 99% who haven't connected the dots yet. You've been suspecting that screen time may have something to do with:

😰 All types of anxiety
🤪 Inability to concentrate
🎭 Moodiness
🛌 Sleep issues
🔥 Burnout
👀 Memory issues
🧠 Brain fog
💑 Relationship issues
👿 Irritability
🔋 Low energy
👪 Kids misbehaving
🎓 Poor school performance

Guess what? Silicon Valley has known about unplugging for a while. They've been using it to boost productivity and raise smarter kids, why wouldn't you?

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How does this work?

The guide will help you learn about:

👉🏼 What the signs of digital dependency are
👉🏼 How it affects your productivity, mood and relationships
👉🏼 Learn about dopamine and the latest neuroscience of stress
👉🏼 Get an intro to energy management for burnout and stress
👉🏼 How it affects kids and school performance
👉🏼 Get recommendations on safe daily tech use
👉🏼 Get 3 science-based protocols for deep rest
👉🏼 Plan a personalized detox weekend

Give you access to The Broccoli Club so you can meet other energyhackers and enjoy exclusive events.

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Is this right for me?

This is the first aid for those who:

👉🏼 Feel burned out
👉🏼 Suffer from anxiety
👉🏼 Have brain fog
👉🏼 Are depressed
👉🏼 Have ADHD
👉🏼 Are unable to focus at work/school

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What if I get bored?

I get it — you don't want to unplug! That's normal for most people nowadays.
You enjoy using social media, youtube, amazon prime, netflix...etc. And it's a perfect digital 🐣 nanny too.

Don't worry, you don't have to give it all up forever 😎 and no need for a pricey trip to a remote forest cabin. Experience that old-school feeling of freedom and unavailability from anywhere.

A weekend is all it takes.

I'll be in touch to add you to our online community where you can get support before you unplug. I'll help you get over your anxieties via chat by using proven coaching techniques.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you will fall in love with being unavailable.
And if you're feeling desperate... 😈 There's a 1-hour/day internet allowance.

Still unsure?
Listen to my unplugging experience for FREE👇🏼

My Detox Diary

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What's the science here?

We will be using the protocols (scientific instructions) and research from:

⚗️ Dr. Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and professor of behavioural sciences, of the Dopamine Nation, specializes in new scientific discoveries in the area of brain function, addiction and digital use.

⚗️ Dr. Cameron Sepah, a cognitive neuroscientist and a clinical psychologist with a degree from Harvard. Expert in optimizing hormones and performance. Author and popularizer of the dopamine detox.

⚗️ Andrew Huberman, Director of Neurobiology Institute and the Huberman Lab at Stanford School of Medicine. Brain expert and host of a popular biohacking podcast.

⚗️ Wim Hof, Dutch athlete, “The Iceman”. Multiple Guinness World Record holder known for his ability to withstand extreme cold. Creator of the famous Wim Hof breathing method.

⚗️ Dr. Samer Hattar, neuroscientist and Chief of Section at the National Institute of Mental Health. Expert on all things related to the biology of light and circadian rhythms.

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Who is going to be coaching me?

My name is Anna. I was born in Soviet Ukraine. I've had a great career in Canada of 10+ yrs in research & innovation, moving from one dream job to the next, maxing out my pay grade... until I crashed hard in my early 30s.

My doctor and therapists didn't have a roadmap for me. I didn't know if, when, or how I'm going to recover my energy levels.

So I started looking for answers, attending cutting-edge science events and putting my research expertise to work. And then it clicked...

I discovered that our research on burnout is outdated. And burnout is a complex energy crisis, not a work issue.

"Overwork and stress only pull the trigger while habits load the gun!"

The world has changed a lot in the several decades and there's more burnout and mental health illness now than ever before. Could it be that our habits haven't caught up with the energy-draining overstimulation and informational overload of the digital world?

In my experience, progress is great when you know how to protect your energy from its downsides. That's why I've moved on from tech, and retrained as an NLP coach who can apply her knowledge of tech psychology for good.

We're going through the greatest transformation in human history and I've created Burnout Broccoli to help you upskill for this new digital age!

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What are others saying?

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Do I need to buy extra stuff?
No. The rest and recovery protocols are designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere with what you already have on hand.

How old do you have to be to do this?
These days kids as young as 7 are starting to experience the effects of technology and cyberbullying. And even toddlers are suffering from a lack of attention as parents are using their phones to plug up any spare time they may have left over from a busy day. That's why digital detox is ideal for the whole family and all ages can benefit.

Digital stress management will become a core survival skill in the nearest future. For anyone who wants to stay competitive and give their kids an edge, setting boundaries with tech is a must.

What if this doesn't work out for me?
It will work so long as you honestly follow the instructions. That's why there's online coaching support for you there.

Additionally, a digital detox isn't meant to make you a device-free luddite. Its purpose is to give you a break from digital fatigue so your body and mind can restore themselves. As well as teach you how to set boundaries with tech in your day-to-day life.

Can I ask you a question?
Sure, just send me a DM on social:

👉🏼 Instagram
👉🏼 Linkedin

I want this!

You'll get: Digital Detox Guide (pdf) + FREE 15min planning workshop

Dopamine & Digital Use
Digital Fitness Habits
Energy Management Intro
Digital Detox Protocol
Light Exposure Protocol
Hydro-Therapy Protocol
Detox Planner
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Digital Detox Workshop

10 ratings
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